about the founder

I am an advocate for children! Working in School Nutrition and Child Homelessness for many years, I see a combination of both worlds hunger and homeless. In 2008, a vision truly impacted my life, leading me to do something about the unacceptable circumstances children are experiencing living as homeless children.

Stepping out on faith, I founded and opened Vision of Grace Transition Home 501c3, an organization that uses a private home to provide shelter for families experiencing this devastating challenge. Giving families structure and a sense of normalcy by placing them in a home versus shelter environment is important. This improves not only the physical circumstances but also the social and emotional development of children.

Having your own bed may feel like a "right" but it’s not to many people today. Vision of Grace Transition Home (VOGTH) believes that it is a “right” and we give families that. While serving in two avenues, I am very blessed knowing that VOGTH and School Nutrition provide two essential needs FOOD and SHELTER. Who am I? Merely a vessel, a change agent, a leader, a prayer warrior, an advocate for the whole child!

Timikel Blakey Sharpe, Founder and Board President

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